46 year old Pulmonary and Critical Care MD in the Chicago area. Married for 20+ years and parent to two kids (19 and 16). Ironman triathlons and my water polo team (Glenbrook Gators) have been my escape from the craziness of life for almost thirteen years now.  I am going part time with my practice Northwest Pulmonary Associates in July 2017. I hope to continue to write about my interests:  end of life care and decision making, complexities of carrying for critically ill patients and their families, burnout among medical professionals.

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  • I am so grateful for your column in the Washington Post about caring for your wife’s grandfather at the end of his life.
    Just yesterday I enrolled my father in hospice care (at home), and signed his DNR.
    That was hard.
    I know the DNR is what my 97 year old Dad wants, but signing it brought deep uneasiness for me.
    I hope when the time comes I will be able to keep love, and his wishes, foremost in my heart.
    I know that for me, too, what I want when I die is to be as pain free as possible.
    Thank you for sharing your experience, and therefore providing needed perspective.

    • Bonita, thank you for reaching out and sharing. Wishing piece of mind for you and comfort for your Dad and family…

  • same here. I had a similar experience when I was a third year resident in an ICU without any guidance from my attending. I was in tears because I didn’t want to stop treatment and family was fighting me. (To be fair, I was only treating a pneumonia; the social worker’s retort to me was: well if you know a treatment for Alzheimers then be my guest. She was probably right.) I am now a rheumatologist and thank god I don’t have to make those decisions.

    Also: jealous that you are doing cool stuff. (blog, story slam, etc). I wrote for a rheumatology publication but I did not have the freedom to write about what I wanted, so I eventually gave it up.

    • Chat-et-tortue, thanks for reading and sharing your story. These issues just are not black and white. The story slam was fun…if your not afraid of getting up in front of people, I highly reccommend!

  • Read Being Mortal by Atul Gawande. I think it will change your perspective or at least expand your thought process.

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